Database Software for Coroners and Medical Examiners
Your job isn't only important to you, it's important to us as well.
Our Mission for CoronerBase...
It is our mission, and our pledge to you, to continually develop and offer the highest caliber of software and service for every single Coroner and Medical Examiner in the United States, with high quality software design, rock-solid reliability, unprecedented flexibility, and outstanding and continued customer support.  It is our goal and our responsibility to make certain the technology that you use will always work exactly the way you want and need it to, helping you be as precise, efficient, and effective as you can possibly be.
The positions of Coroner and Medical Examiner have the proud privilege of being a very distinct and vital part of the community...

By helping put violent criminals behind bars, and by making important recommendations to the relevant governmental organizations, future tragedies can be avoided, making Coroners and Medical Examiners a vital node in the network of life-saving individuals that work in our various regional government systems.

It’s our job to make sure that the technology you use helps you be as efficient and as accurate as you can possibly be, thus further enabling you to perform this auspicious duty. It is our most sincere and confident hope that by helping you, that even more lives can be saved. It would be our most tremendous honor and privilege to become a part of that fine tradition by working for our nation’s Coroners and Medical Examiners.

CoronerBase offers you tremendously comprehensive functionality and outstanding customer service. With all of your case information quite literally at your fingertips, you won’t miss a thing. Aiding you in seeing the big picture for any case, and helping you discover problem areas in your county is important. And CoronerBase delivers.

CoronerBase was developed by highly experienced and talented software engineers that have a history of dedication to providing high caliber software that precisely addresses customer needs. CoronerBase is also up-to-date with the latest technologies for high-performing native Windows applications, making available to you a reliable, comprehensive, and high quality solution.  In short, CoronerBase was designed by the best so you would get the most out of your technology.
It is our passion to deliver software that works for you, the way that you want it to. If you’re not happy, we’re miserable. We take great pride in our products and develop them with the care and precision required to make software that is not only easy to use, but works consistently and reliably.
...and it doesn’t end there! Our commitment to our customers is so strong that we will do anything in our power to make sure that you’re happy with the technology that you use. We’re not just trying to “sell you fancy product” and walk away. We want to essentially partner with you in your endeavors, making sure that you are, at all times able use the technology we provide to perform your duties as effectively and efficiently as possible. If something’s not meeting your needs, you won’t have to adjust to it, we’ll make it work for you as you need it to.
Dr. William A. Graham of the Columbiana County Coroner’s office had this to say about CoronerBase, "This product is an enhancement of a previous Coroner’s application which our office acquired in 1998. This much improved and embellished successor to the previous system offers a Coroner or a Coroner‘s Office an easy way to enter and retrieve vital information to perform everyday tasks. The inclusion of easily retrievable scanned images of death certificates, autopsies, investigator’s reports, etc., and the easy retrieval of photographs of the scene, the deceased, and the autopsy, make it invaluable. The ability to do Boolean searches is also a great advancement."
Simply put, it’s our job to make sure that your investment in CoronerBase is sound by not only providing an essential and useful tool that can save a lot of your time, but by also providing an unprecedented level of customer service. At a fraction of the cost of hiring an "IT Guy" to assist you with your technology needs, we want to help you succeed in every way imaginable, and are committed to that end.
We are eager to help you in any way we can, so CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION!  (724-843-3140)


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