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Sunshine Law & Subpoena Compliance
Auto Error Correction For Accuracy
Electronic Death Certificates
Unified System Design
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Simplify Annual Reports & Justify Budget
Fully Automated Upgrades from Existing Systems
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Automatic Error Correction for Accuracy
No matter how skilled someone becomes using a computer or typewriter, typographical errors upon data entry are unavoidable, even if minimized.  If you're only writing a letter to a friend, that's just fine, they probably won't mind.  But what about the important records in your Coroner's office where inaccuracies can affect the results of searches and statistics... or even have legal consequences?

CoronerBase addresses this issue with SmartFields™... an exclusive Ingenuware-developed technology that is far more precise than a spell checker.  The reason for its high degree of accuracy is because SmartField Technology uses heuristic pattern analysis and compares what you've typed with only the limited set of possibilities available within the drop-down box for the given field, not from a complete dictionary.  The combination of heuristics and an appropriately discrete pool of items to compare against makes SmartFields an essential tool to maintaining the accuracy and viability of your data.

In addition to the high degree of accuracy, SmartField Technology leaves room for new items to be automatically added to the system with CoronerBase's AutoList feature.  When you enter something truly uniquely different, CoronerBase can easily make the new entry available for future use, rather than requiring that you enter a different part of the program to manage lists of data.  (Which of course you still can do with CoronerBase if you prefer to maintain its lists manually!)

You can also take advantage of SmartFields as a means to enter shortcuts by purposefully entering significantly shorter versions of available choices (such as "m" for "male" and "f" for "female", etc.)  SmartFields will automatically correct those entries, allowing you to harness this robust feature for productivity.

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Best of all, as with all things in CoronerBase, SmartFields is also extremely flexible.  SmartFields technology can be enabled, disabled, or its sensitivity adjusted, and all of this is available on a field-by-field basis... putting you in complete control over exactly which fields employ this technology, and to what degree.

Aiding in accuracy and productivity, CoronerBase can help you and your colleagues achieve higher degrees of efficiency while enhancing the accuracy of the data you enter, making your searches and statistics more precise as well.

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