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Key CoronerBase Features
Robust Case Record Management
Digital Photography & Scanning
Search Records However You Need To
Generate Statistics Your Way
Sunshine Law & Subpoena Compliance
Auto Error Correction For Accuracy
Electronic Death Certificates
Unified System Design
Comprehensive Reporting
Simplify Annual Reports & Justify Budget
Fully Automated Upgrades from Existing Systems
CoronerBase Lite for Android & iOS
Fully Configurable & Well Documented
FREE Customer Support & Tailoring Service
Flexible Pricing Options
FREE Customer Support & Tailoring Service
We're dedicated to our customers.  It's true.  In fact, we are so dedicated that CoronerBase comes with customer and technical support at no charge.  If you purchase it, we'll support it.  If you have an issue, just email us at or call us at 724-843-3140 and we'll be delighted to help you resolve whatever issue you have.

Further, if there's something you need CoronerBase to do that it does not already do, we'll be happy to add it to CoronerBase, at no additional charge.  Any feature requests or changes that are beneficial to any other Coroners and Medical Examiners using CoronerBase can only improve CoronerBase even further, which we are very interested in doing, as it will help us get new customers and keep existing ones, so there is no cost to you whatsoever.  In fact, we wholly encourage you to make such requests as often as you have such ideas.  We will take your useful ideas and put them to work.  And this is not unique to CoronerBase... this how we advance all of our softwareWe write our software for you, not for us, so whatever we can do to make the software we've provided work better for you, we're delighted to do so.  In short, we want CoronerBase to be your perfect and only solution for Coroner record keeping, reporting, and researching, and we will always endeavor to see that happen.

We offer this kind of support because we want you to succeed in the use of your technology, and we view it as our responsibility, being your information technology partner, to help you in anyway we can.  With CoronerBase, you're not just buying a piece of software, you're purchasing a solution complete with the help you need, whenever you need it.

Please note that our support is generally offered through telephone and Internet only, and that such venues of support have always proven to be more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding customers.  In the unlikely event that a more "hands-on" approach is required, there are ways for us to see the same computer screen using technologies such as pcAnywhere, so we can help you as if we were sitting right there, next to you in person. 

Please also note that if you request a new feature or change that is unique to your county, or otherwise specifically not beneficial to other Coroners and Medical Examiners, then we may require that such a change be done so as a separate software development contract at additional cost.  It is emphatically not our goal to charge you for anything additional, but we have this stipulation in place so that we do not pre-obligate ourselves to completing large, time-consuming, and unrelated programming projects for free that offer no value to other customers, since that might prove financially detrimental.  However, we do not expect such a case to ever occur, as it never has in the past with any of our other software offerings.  A Coroner at the recent OSCA conference asked us, "so who decides what is beneficial to other Coroners?"  It was a good question, for which we now have a steadfast answer: You do... you and your fellow Coroners and Medical Examiners decide what you need, not us.  We will immediately recognize most feature requests as being universally beneficial... however, if we suspect that a feature may not offer general benefit, we will conduct a brief survey (that you may also participate in) to determine the general usefulness of the requested feature or change.  If more than one or two offices need such functionality, then the feature request or change will be done free of charge.  To date, there have been many Coroner-requested features and enhancements, and all of them have been immediately recognized as generally useful, and at no extra charge.

Please just remember this: We are interested in continually advancing CoronerBase so we can satisfy the needs and demands of every Coroner and Medical Examiner in the United States.  We want to provide this level of service free of charge, and beg you to take advantage of it, because it will make it possible for us to continue to create the most robust Coroner database solution ever conceived, and that is great for our long-term goals for CoronerBase.

We are eager to help you in any way we can, so CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION!  (724-843-3140)
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